ASUS Ares kicks some serious butt in CrossFireX

Although the card looks pretty hardcore and the performance is good, I don't think I'm willing to spend $1000 on one R5970 graphics card when for the same amount of money I can grab three, or maybe four if second-hand, R5870s.

ASUS Ares is a custom version of AMD Radeon HD 5970, the world's fastest graphics card. ASUS disassembled the reference card from AMD and rebuilt it in a new shape, much like it did with ASUS Mars, to make it even faster. We have covered the card on numerous occasions, revealing detailed specifications and some more odd information like the weight of the card, 3-4kg, and that it will cost around $1000. ASUS Ares sports dual Cypress XT GPUs and 850MHz GPU clock frequency, the same as the single-GPU Radeon HD 5870 and a lot higher than HD 5970 with its 725MHz GPU clock frequency. Add to that 4GB GDDR5 RAM that operates at the same frequency as HD 5870, namely 1200MHz (4800MHz effectively) [... ] With these prerequisites ASUS Ares manages a Vantage score of X27321, which would be fifth overall on Futuremark's ORB.

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