[Video] The Titan X Pascal Project by Der8auer

Der8auer is back with a new video series centered on the Nvidia Tina X Pascal card. Named The Titan X Project, Germany’s No.2 overclocker plans to do a series of videos that explore pretty much every aspect of the new latest and greatest from Nvidia, from a strictly overclocking perspective.

Here's a quick overview of what we can expect in the days ahead. The plan is a get down to some modding, starting with a power mod to unlock the card’s power target. This will be followed up by a GPU volt mod to, unlocking the voltage controls and allow for higher, stable frequencies. Then the plan is a use a full cover EK water block to see what kind of performance the card is capable of with better cooling, using a special chiller which has a water temperature of around 16 degrees Celcius.

Did I mention that Roman has at his disposal not just one Titan X Pascal card, but four of them? A great excuse to set up a quad-SLI system. Before that however he plans to investigate the scaling potential the cards, testing 2-way, 3-way then 4-way SLI configurations using the standard SLI bridge.

Part 1 however, begins with an overview of the card in terms of the design, architecture and other technical details. This is followed up with some basic testing on air to establishing stock performance levels, followed by some basic power and fan speed tweaking. It’s interesting to see how the card's performance in The Witcher 3 increases with some simple tweaking in Afterburner.

As always Roman does a great job of presenting a lots deal of technical information, going into some pretty deep and well explained details that will be of interest to anyone who wants to see what the latest and greatest from Nvidia is capable of. Nice work. You can check out the video here on the der8auer YouTube channel.

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