Sam OCX Shares Skylake Core i7 6700K Binning Data

If there is one thing that often fascinates people when I talk about the deeper arts of overclocking, it’s the notion that not all CPUs, memory chips or GPUs are actually born equal. I often use the analogy of CPUs being grown, kind of like apples on a tree. If we were looking for the most spherically perfect apple, we would find that probably none of them are, but that some are much more spherical than others. As every overclocker knows, this is kind of the case when it comes to CPUs - basically no two are the same.

Which leads us to the often thankless task of binning, a relatively recent phenomena in the world of overclocking where overclockers with access to lots of CPUs test and bin as many as possible to try and find a golden chip that can help break records and maybe even advance one’s career as an overclocker. Sam OCX certainly seems to have had plenty of access to the top Skylake SKUs, binning dozens upon dozens of Core i7 6700K processors in an effort to find one that breaks the mold in terms of performance.

Binning is often a private affair with data collected often remaining a personal arsenal of esoteric information, closely guarded and rarely shared in public. This is not the case with Sam OCX who has generously added a screenshot of his painstakingly accrued data to a thread the HWBOT Forum. The shot includes valuable information regarding batch and chip numbers plus voltage and temperature data at various clock speeds. Very useful if you are inclined to believe that certain batches perform better than others.

You can find the data from Sam OCX here on the HWBOT forum.

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