Hardware Ready Host HWRDAY – An OC Meetup in Rimini Italy

This summer has seen quite a few overclockers get together for some ‘good times’, overclocking with LN2 and generally enjoying the relaxed and social side of the game. Just a week or so ago the guys at Hardware Ready in Italy invited local overclockers and gamers to the Hotel Vienna Ostenda in Rimini, Italy. One room was setup with 12 PC rigs, including custom cooledhigh-performance PCs for the express purpose of gaming. The other room was dedicated to overclocking.

The overclocking side of things was organized with the help of the HwReady OC Official Team. Team members Sandro Slater, known on HWBOT as sandalo, and Marco Mori, known to many as xMec were in attendance armed with lots of LN2 with a mission to try and break records and earn the team as many points as possible. Italian legend Roberto Sannino, known to us as Elite overclocker rsannino was also there to inspire the gang.

xMec enjoyed a productive day using a classic Sandy Bridge based Intel Core 2700K processor. In Geekbench 3 single core and multi-core he managed hardware 1st places for the chip with scores of 4,694 points and 19,000 points respectively. This was done with the 2700K running at 5,600MHz, a solid +60.00% beyond stock.

You can find more info about the HWRDAY event on the HWBOT X site here, and also on the HWREADY.it site here (Italian).

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