The GPUPI Benchmark - Data Report 2016

We recently put together a report that is based on data we have regarding the GPUPI benchmark on HWBOT. It covers a swathe of information about usage levels, the presets that are most popular, which leagues with HWBOT are using it plus the hardware being used. Here’s a brief overview of the report which can accessed in full on the Slideshare presentation embedded on your left.

In terms of accumulative submissions on HWBOT we can see that over time the 1B and CPU -100M presets have remained the most popular. This is basically the case since the benchmark’s launch in early 2015. The CPU -100M test has seen just under 7,000 submissions to date with the 1B preset at around 6,500 submissions. The CPU – 1B test has seen around 5,000 submissions while the 32B test remains just under 1,000. Im terms of percentages CPU -100M is the most popular preset with 36%, followed by 1B at 34%, CPU-1B at 26% and 32M at 4%.

Looking at general usership and submission rates, 2016 has seen submission rates of around 200 – 500 submissions a week (all four presets), usually from around somewhere in the region of 20-60 users a week. The data shows clear peaks and troughs which may well relate to a) graphics card launches where users have the chance to score highly with newer hardware such as the Nvidia 1000 series, or b) where a GPUPI benchmark is featured heavily in popular contests on OC-ESPORTS.

In terms of league representation more than half of all submission were made by Enthusiasts. Around 25% were made by Novice overclockers, 16% by Extreme overclockers, with 4-5% accounted for by Rookies and Elite overclockers combined.

Intel is by far the most popular CPU choice but in fact the data is similar to the average CPU usage stats for HBOT as a whole. However AMD has seen less interest in recent months with Intel representing around 90% of all GPUPI submissions currently, which is up from 80% for most of the previous year. Could this be due to the launch of Broadwell E, or is it more indicative of a general malaise in AMD overclocking with most of us already looking forward to the launch Zen? In terms of GPU brand Nvidia is currently in the ascendancy with around 80% and has been steadily gaining ground since launch when things were actually closer to a 50-50% share.

Looking at CPU cooling, custom water cooling is currently the most popular choice with custom air cooling just below. This is followed by AIO coolers and stock coolers. Sub-zero cooling including LN2 and Single Stage Phase Change represents typically less than 5% for each. However LN2 and Phase change have seen higher usage numbers over the course of this summer.

Make sure you check out the full presentation for yourself on slideshow here (or on your left). If you disagree with this interpretation, go ahead and chime in with your thoughts in the forum. Thanks.

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