Intel Developer Forum: Budget CPU Overclocking Dream Still Alive?

A few months ago we published opinion piece entitled ‘Intel Needs a Core i3 – Here are 5 Reasons Why’. We basically hypothesized the impact that a fully unlocked Core i3 processor from Intel would have on the OC scene and whether or not such a move would actually benefit Intel. Today we just came across an article written by Jeff Kampman for The Tech Report who is currently in San Francisco covering the Intel Developer Forum. Apparently he had time to have a chat with Intel’s top Overclocking man, Dan Ragland to ask him specifically about the chances of seeing budget ‘K’ SKU models arrive with the launch of Kaby Lake later this year.

“Intel overclocking honcho Dan Ragland held a session about the overclocking features in Broadwell-E and Skylake processors today, and I caught up with him after to inquire about the prospect of future Pentium AE-esque products in upcoming generations of the company's CPUs.”

“While Ragland unsurprisingly wouldn't commit to any definite statements about Intel's product roadmap, he did indicate that the extreme overclocking community has expressed strong interest in a Pentium AE successor, and that the company has been thinking about ways to expand processor overclocking to more value-oriented chips in the future. That's a glimmer of hope for those of us who just want to have fun with cheap CPUs.”

Catch the full article from Jeff here on The Tech Report.

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