Six-core Phenom II to feature Turbo Core tech, high frequencies

It's not the most inventive technology ever, but most certainly interesting for end-users!

As a result, AMD expects Thuban's six cores to fit into established power envelopes while featuring base clock speeds similar to current quad-core Phenom IIs. In fact, the firm plans to introduce a Black Edition six-core Thuban processor at speeds "over 3GHz, substantially," so the example we cited above may not be far from the truth. That part will gain 500MHz from going into a boost state, which means effective clock speeds with lightly multithreaded applications could approach or exceed 4GHz. Lower-end Thuban derivatives will get smaller frequency bumps out of Turbo Core, and AMD intends to offer a range of Thuban-based products in its current suite of power envelopes.

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