Dancop Re-Gains World No1. Spot with GPUPI for CPU 1B 4x CPU Global 1st Place

The battle royale at the top of the overclocking world rankings keeps simmering away with Dancop today taking back first place with a pair of tasty submissions - a Global 1st Place for the fastest quad-core CPU in GPUPI for CPU 1B, plus a second place ranked score in HWBOT Prime. The result of this action is that Dancop now sits just in front of Xtreme Addict by a super slim margin of just 12.5 points.

The new Global 1st Place score of 3mins 55 sec 674ms was made using an Intel Core i7 6700K pushed to 6,654.78MHz (+66.37%), joined by a G.SKILL Trident DDR4 kit pushed to 1,816MHz (12-12-12-28-1T), all mounted on an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard. The score actually jumps ahead of the previous best held by Greek OC master Sofos1990 who managed a score of 3mins 55sec 760ms almost exactly a week ago.

In HWBOT Prime Dancop (also known as Dany apparently) was actually in possession of a 1st place ranking with a score of 8320.76pps until Alex@ro step in with an improved score of 8341.69 pps (possibly a back up score me thinks, such was the speed of the reply from Romania’s No.1). Alex@ro actually managed to squeeze a little more from his 0Skylake 6700K pushing it to 6,700MHz (+65.5%) compared to Dany’s chip which was clocked at 6,680.37MHz (+67.01%).

The upshot of course is that Dancop now sits at the top of the HWBOT world rankings thanks to these two scores which managed to earn him enough points to keep the prolific Pole Xtreme Addict at bay for now. XA has not been active for a day or two, but I suspect he may well reply soon enough.

Check out the new Global 1st Place scores from Dancop here, and Alex@ro here.

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