World No.1 Xtreme Addict Takes 1x GPU GPUPI 1B Global 1st Place, Pushes GTX 1080 to 2,750MHz (+71.13%)

The new World Number overclocker, Poland’s Xtreme Addict is not certainly not resting his laurels. Having clinched the world title late last week, we now have him attempting to put distance between himself and World No.2 Dancop by taking away the German’s previous Global 1st Place for Single GPU benching in GPUPI 1B.

XA recently enjoyed a momentous week or so of furious benching that included a trip down memory lane to take down a bunch of hardware 1st places using socket 775 CPUS, plus all out assaults on Catzilla 720p and 1440p World Records using a Broadwell-E and Pascal combo. Dancop’s response was to submit a backup GPUPI 1B score in an attempt to stem the flow of Polish points.

Alas Xtreme Addict has also gone and taken this score with an emphatic single GPU run of just 11sec 961ms. a score is some way ahead of Dancop’s best, which is almost a whole second behind on 12sec 798ms. Xtreme Addict made the run with a GTX 1080 card pushed to wholly incredible 2,750MHz (+71.13%). In order to achieve these GPU clock heights he actually underclocked the graphics memory clock to 1,252MHz (-49.94%), an usual tactic, but one that has paid off big time here. Just for the sake of reference, in Dancop’s previous GFP score the GPU was configured at 2,505.5MHz (+55.91%).

The score from Xtreme Addict helps to keep him out in front, although Dancop remains just 33 points off top spot. Don’t take your eye off this race, it looks set to run all summer.

Congrats to XA! Don't forget you can find the full HWBOT world rankings here.

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