OLDcomer Reclaims GPUPI 1B World Record with 8x R9 290s, Dhenzjhen Takes it Back with 12x Nvidia Teslas

Lamenting the fact that some HWBOT members simply have all the fun, we brought you news that Dhenzjhen had broken the GPUPI 1B World Record using a server setup based around 11 Tesla cards and a pair of Xeon E5 2689 v4 Broadwell-EP chips. The new World Record score was a run of 2sec 485ms. What was interesting at the time was that the previous WR score of 2sec 502ms was held by Bulgarian overclocker OLDcomer who managed to do so using a considerably cheaper AMD-based rig based around 8x R9 290X cards.

Indeed just days after Dhenzjhen broke the record OLDcomer came back at him with a new high score of 2sec 401ms, again using his trusty set of 8x R9 290X cards, this time with the GPUs pushed just a little higher; from 1,200MHz (+22%) on the original run, to 1280MHz (+28%) on his new high score. Both scores were made using a Core i7 5960X clocked at 4,3MHz (43.33%). So as of Friday night OLDcomer was back in the GPU PI 1B World Record driving seat.

Fast forward to Monday however and we have a strong retort from Philippine No.1 Dhenzjhen who decided to expand his server rig by effectively adding another GPU to the mix. The original World Record breaking rig used 10x Nvidia M40 Tesla cards (250 watt beasts with 3,072 Nvidia CUDA cores and 24GB of GDDR5) plus an Nvidia M4 card for good measure. The revised build ditches the M4 in favor of a dual-GPU Tesla K80, thus we have a 12x GPU system. The new GPUPI 1B World Record score now stands at 2sec 398ms. Over to you OLDcomer.

You can find the new World record score from dhenzjhen here, as well as the full world rankings for GPUPI 1B.

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