New ‘Rookies Help Rookies’ Sub-Forum Added

Calling all Rookies and Novices! Today we are launching a new sub-forum within the HWBOT forum specifically for less experienced overclockers i.e. Rookie and Novice overclockers. Welcome to the ‘Rookies Help Rookies’-subforum. The motivation behind this is to make sure that newer members of the HWBOT family have a place dedicated specially for their needs.

The HWBOT Forum is of course a fantastic resource for all members (or indeed non-members) of HWBOT. Wading through its many pages you can find advice and discussions about virtually every overclocking-related topic you can imagine.

However, while the forum is an incredibly valuable resource, it can also be a rather intimidating place for the uninitiated. Some of the dialogues that take place are between seasoned pros, Elite overclockers and people who been active in the scene for many years can be a bit.. er, overwhelming. There is no doubt that these overclockers represent overclocking royalty and have the utmost respect of the entire scene, but as a newer member just learning the basics, personally I’d prefer to ask my own dumb questions in a walled garden with zero scrutiny.

As of today we have a place where all questions will meet the ears and eyes of people who have recently overcome similar difficulties. If you are a Rookie or Novice overclocker with any questions, advice or stories to share, you now have a place to call your own. Welcome to the ‘Rookies Help Rookies’ forum.


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