[HWBOT X] The Enthusiast Zone Festival 2016, Indonesia

Indonesia has become a hotbed of young overclocking talent, thanks in part to a large, well organised and pro-active community that continues to provide events where locals can compete, share and learn. One such event, The Enthusiast Zone Festival 2016, was held throughout June and July at the Mengga Dua Mall in Jakarta. The event was held with the help of several key industry partners including AOC, ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, RAZER, Stealseries, Patriot, In-Win and several others.

In terms of overclocking the event played host to an ‘LN2 Extreme Battle’ competition were seasoned OC pros could compete for some very attractive prizes, as well as an Ambient Overclocking contests which was open to all. The podium at the end of the contest featured some very familiar faces with bboyjezz, coldest and Lucky_n00b among the winners of the Extreme Battle contest.

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