Challenger Division 2016, Round 2 Roundup: Part 3 - Divisions VI and VII

We conclude our coverage of Round 2 of the Challenger Divisions today with an in depth look at the final two Divisions. Hosted on OC-ESPORTS, the Challenger Divisions offer overclockers the chance to compete on the broadest possible range of computer hardware. In Divisions VI and VII, that means benchmarking on ARM and retro PC hardware. Let’s take a look in more detail in what happened in these Divisions in Round 2.

The winner in Round 2 of this Division is a Slovenian overclocker who specializes in pushing mobile processors, this case an Apple A9 APL0898 processor which he pushed to a satisfactory 1,850MHz, a frequency which is 1.65% beyond the chip’s stock settings. [...] Compared to many of the Divisions in Round 2, we find Division VII to be quite competitive with only around 26 points actually separating the top five overclockers on the leaderboard. Our eventual winner is Sweden’s Lanbonden who finished in first place with a total of 477.6 points despite winning in only one stage. [...]

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