Throwback Thursday: ObscureParadox Pushes Mobile Celeron by Incredible 235%

Today is a Thursday which means it’s the one day of the week where we allow ourselves a touch of real nostalgia – a look back at a point in time in overclocking history that we hope you will enjoy. In fact this week, you might not have to look to far back in time as we revisit a point back in 2014 when a UK overclocker managed to achieve something really special.

The day was July 17th 2014 and ObscureParadox was competing in the HWBOT Team Cup on behalf of The challenge involved hitting the highest possible CPU percentage % change. Our man from the UK managed to push an old school ‘Northwood’ architecture Mobile Intel Celeron past its 1.2GHz stock settings to a crazy 4,021.83MHz (+235.15%). Here’s a sample of what we wrote back in the day in recognition of his achievement:

“ObscureParadox, a UK-based overclocker competing for the overclocking team, has broken the percentage overclocking world record for Intel CPUs by submitting a 4021 MHz CPU-Z validation with an old-school Mobile Celeron 1.2 GHz CPU. The CPU is 235% overclocked, the highest ever seen at HWBOT!

”At the start of the Team Cup in June, the highest percentage overclock with an Intel CPU was in the hands of Tapakah at 207% with a Mobile Celeron 1.4 GHz CPU. Ivanov from Poland has also broken this record and is trailing ObscureParadox by a mere 5%. Hopefully we can see this record improved over the course of the competition. In any case, congratulations ObscureParadox!

You can see the submission from ObscureParadox for yourself here, as well as the original news post from July 17th 2014 here.

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