Skylake 5G Tweaker's Challenge: BarboneNet (Italy) in 1st Place at Half-Way Point

As of today we are at the half-way point of the Skylake 5G Tweaker’s Challenge contest on OC-ESPORTS. The contest runs throughout the duration of 2016, inviting overclockers from all walks of life to demonstrate their tweaking skills on any Skylake-architecture Intel processor clocked no higher than 5GHz. The challenge involves the deep, dark art of tweaking memory frequencies and timings as well as employing any cunning OS tweaks you may have up your OC sleeve.

So far this year we have seen a total of 98 overclockers make submissions to a contest which actually split into three separate stages; Stage 1 involves benching Super Pi 32M, Stage 2 is all about Intel XTU while Stage 3 revolves around squeezing the absolute most performance to score highly in 3DMark11 Physics.

After six months we find Italian overclocker BarboneNet at the top of the leaderboard with a total of 51 points. He has some big hitters on his tail however and is just one point ahead of Splave (U.S.) on 50 points and World no.1 Dancop (Germany) on 49 points. Behind this dominant triumvirate we have Nik (Germany) with 34 points followed by GtiJason (U.S.) on 31 points.

Interestingly, US OC master Splave tops the leaderboard in both Stages 1 and 2, earning him 50 points and the right to sit in second place overall. Splave however has not yet made any submission in Stage 3. Could it be that the current US No.1 is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to pounce and with a decent 3DMark 11 Physics score that will catapult him into first place? One thing is certain, we are only at the half way stage and there remains plenty to time for things to get shaken up.

You can find all scores and submissions from the Skylake 5G Tweakers Challenge here on OC-ESPORTS.

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