[Video] ASUS Rampage V Edition 10, Overclocking Guide from Der8auer

Our buddy der8auer has published another fantastic guide video, this time tackling Broadwell-E Core i7 processors using the latest ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard. Rather than take on a standard review focusing only on the features and design of the motherboard, der8auer jumps straight into the issue of how the board deals with overclocking the new Broadwell CPUs from Intel, with a comprehensive guide to its overclocking capabilities.

The Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard is what many would call the pinnacle of ASUS’s X99 platform catalogue. Retailing for a snip under $600, the board is in fact designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Republic of Gamers brand. In most respects including the PWM design and technical components it appears that the board is very similar to the original, Rampage V Extreme that was the flagship X99 platform board from ASUS released almost two years ago. Regardless, there is still plenty to explore under the hood.

Apart from a multitude of flashing, programmable RGB lighting the board also features a very solid UEFI BIOS, just as would expect from any high-end ASUS board. In the video Der8auer goes through many of the boards BIOS features, pin-pointing which settings you need to focus on to get a solid, stable overclock on your shiny new Broadwell-E processor. For anyone who has made the investment, this is a solid OC introduction that actually covers a ton of advice for tweaking the new Intel HEDT platform using an ASUS board.

You can find the find the Rampage V Edition 10 OC guide from der8auer here on his YouTube channel.

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