[Video]Der8auer Talks to K|NGP|N About His Closed Loop LN2 Cooling Machine

During Computex a few weeks ago G.SKILL invited several in-house overclockers from prominent PC hardware vendors to compete at their booth in the OC World Record Stage. One such attendee was EVGA’s top overclocker K|NGP|N who surprised everybody by turning up at the show with an LN2 cooling machine that admittedly, had most of us scratching our heads. Germany’s ace overclocker Der8auer, a bonafide expert in developing sub-zero cooling equipment, was on hand during the show to quiz K|NGP|N, or Vince as he is also known about his new creation. The result is one gobsmacked, and almost speechless German.

Vince has managed to fashion an extraordinary way to simultaneously sub-zero cool a CPU and up to four VGA cards by simply pressing the button of an Xbox Mortal Kombat controller. In the video Vince explains how the LN2 is delivered from a main LN2 tank to an empty tank, then through a series of relays and nodes until it’s delivered under pressure to the base of the pot. The XBOX controller gives Vince complete control over the temperatures of the CPU and GPUs which can be cooled simultaneously at the touch of a button. No more pouring. Just effortless, accurate control.

If any evidence was needed to show how effective this new LN2 cooling machine is in actual, competitive benchmarking, K|NGP|N recently took down the 3DMark single GPU Global 1st Place ranking using his new toy. Could this be the dawn of a new OC era?

Catch the video in full on the der8auer YouTube channel.

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