Bboyjezz and IvanCupa Demo Extreme OC at ‘Break the Boundaries’ Event in Jakata

HWBOT X has just listed today’s Overclocking: Break the Boundaries event in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s an event showcasing overclocking to students at the Binus University where two of the country’s most respected overclockers are giving demos that show the basic concepts of ambient overclocking, plus an overview of competitive amateur overclocking using both the HWBOT database and the OC-ESPORTS playform.

It’s great to see the broader OC community of Indonesia spreading the word of overclocking to young people. It’s clearly a strategy that is working as Indonesia currently boasts one of the most vibrant and quickly evolving overclocking scenes in the world. The Break the Boundaries event is fortunate to have the assistance of bboyjezz, the No.1 ranked Extreme overclocker in Indonesia, as well as IvanCupa the country’s No.1 Enthusiast overclocker.

The idea is of the Break the Boundaries event is not dissimilar to the concept of the HWBOT World Tour; firstly to show young people just how easy it is to overclock with ambient cooling, followed by a demonstration of extreme overclocking with LN2. Attendees at today’s event could well get the OC bug and become future Extreme overclockers.

For more information about the Break the Boundaries event in Jakarta, Indonesia visit the HWBOT X site here.

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