[Video] Live Overclocking at the World Series Asia Contest with DrWeez

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 Asia event last week was a monumental line in the sand for Overclocking as a whole, bringing together twenty six Elite and Extreme players plus dozens of Amateur overclockers several big industry partners like Intel, Seasonic, AOC and new memory player ZADAK511 – and it was all set to the backdrop Computex 2016, one of the biggest tech trade shows in the world.

If you want to get a real feel for what the event was like from the perspective of a competing overclocker then your luck is in. DrWeez, South Africa’s current No.1 overclocker was in attendance, continuing with his good work in the Pro OC Championship, has recorded several hours of his overclocking experience at the World Tour.

In the video you can see DrWeez competing with the some of the most feared overclockers around, including Dancop, Xtreme Addict, Hazzan and others that made their mark in the World Series Asia contest. It’s a fantastic fly-on-the-wall view of the what it takes to compete in an OC contest at this level and also a very good look at what overclocking with the new Broadwell-E Core i7 6950X processor.

You can check out the video from DrWeez here on his YouTube channel where you can also find a ton of really insightful videos about Elite level overclocking.

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