[PRO OC] DrWeez Worklog #22: More Pro OC Championship 2016 – Round 2 Stage 2

Extreme overclocker Andrew “DrWeez” Roberts streams his overclocking sessions twice a week on his Twitch channel.

This is my log for the overclocking session I ran in the afternoon of May 22nd, 2016, for the HWBOT Pro OC Championship Round 2 Stage 2 on SuperPi 32M … errr sorry, SuperPi 1M (I keep getting that wrong … I’m so used to saying 32M). The plan today was to get a validation screenshot which I failed to get on Thursday. And success! I managed to beat my personal best, something I wasn’t able to do on Thursday. So my final score came in at 5sec 297ms (see screenshot below) beating my previous personal best which was of 5sec 444ms.

That’s quite a good improvement. I was roughly at about the same CPU speed as my previous personal best. And yeah, I’m quite happy about that! :). Overall I’m quite happy. With this new personal best, it puts me into 4th place globally with this CPU and second place for the current submitted scores in the Pro OC Round 2.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io

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