[PRO OC] DrWeez Worklog #21: Pro OC Championship 2016 – Round 2 Stage 2

Extreme overclocker Andrew “DrWeez” Roberts streams his overclocking sessions twice a week on his Twitch channel.

The OC session for tonight was to concentrate on the OC Esports ProOC Championship Round 2 Stage 2 with SuperPi 1M. 1M’s main boost is with CPU Frequency. Memory frequency as well as everything else doesn’t really play a big part. My main goal tonight was to run 1 core, 2 cores, and see if there is any sort of gain on the CPU – see how high it could clock… I was able to run 1M at 6.6 GHz and then went up to 6.65, 6.68, 6.69 and… then eventually crashed out. I had some thermal paste issues where I had separation between the pot and the die.

To come back from that was quite straightforward. I just heated up back to -60C and I was able to get it going again. Unfortunately then I had some more issues with some condensation. I had some small pools of water around the memory slots. I tried to clean it up and defrost. But yeah …. In the end, I couldn’t really recover from that.So I didn’t actually save any scores tonight – but I was able to reach some scores! I was very close to my personal best but didn’t quite beat it. Now that I didn’t save any scores, this also means that I still don’t have any submissions “yet” for the ProOC Cup. I will have to rerun some time over the weekend. And … that’s about it.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io

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