Broadwell E v Haswell E: i7 6850K Compared with i7 5820K at 4.2GHz

The launch of the latest Intel Extreme Edition CPUs cannot come soon enough for some people. Due for launch (apparently) sometime around Computex in late may/early June, today we appear to have a first glimpse of what Broadwell E processors will offer compared to the current Haswell E offerings of today. Posting on the forum, user Maintenance Bot has been kind enough to offer a benchmark comparison of what gains the new architecture should bring in raw performance terms.

Maintenance Bot managed to get his hands on a Broadwell E-based Core i7 6850K chip, a 6 core (12 threads) that should arrive with a stock clock speed of 3.6GHz, and a turbo clock of 3.8GHz. However in order to be able to make a more direct comparison with the previous generation, Maintenance Bot pushed the 6850K to 4.2GHz, allowing for a more apples to apples comparison with a 5820K were both chips are configured to near identical settings.

The performance gains are certainly in evidence with Broadwell E scoring highly in Cinebench R15 - 1311 vs 1191, and Super PI 32M - 8m27 vs 8m38.

These results are of course entirely preliminary and not guaranteed to be comparable to what we will see at launch, however they do point to a higher Instructions per Clock rate that will mean better performance. It will be even more interesting to see what the flagship deca-core 6950X is capable of. forum

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