Video: DrWeez Plays Rookie Rumble OC Session

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Last night DrWeez gave a master class session in ambient overclocking, taking on all three stages of the Rookie Rumble #30 in an effort to share and educate. Of course the South African no Rookie, but he does have a passion for bringing on the next generation of overclockers, proffering a helping hand when it comes to really squeezing the most out of benchmarks like XTU, HWBOT Prime and GPUPI for CPU - 100M. The end result is basically a tutorial of how Rookies can improve their scores beyond arbitrarily cranking up CPU clocks.

Just to give you an example of what the Doc was up to. The current leader in Rookie Rumble #30 has amassed a handsome score of 1,619 points in XTU. DrWeez made his approach with plenty of patience, employing looser memory timings which allowed him to tinker in other areas and produce a final score (after an hour or so) of 1,686 points. How was it done? I recommend you check out the video for a detailed answer to that question.

If you are a Rookie competing at any level of the game, you really should consider heading over to YouTube, grabbing yourself some popcorn, maybe a pen and some paper and settling down for a some real OC schooling.

DrWeez plays Rookie Rumble Video.

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