Challenger Division Prize Draw Winners Receive HyperX Savage DDR4 Kits and SSDs

The first Round of Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS closed just a little while ago with a winners list that includes stephonz, marco0053, Rauf, Toolius, Johan45, nexus 35 and Rasparthe. Let’s not forget that Challenger Division series partners HyperX are also offering some pretty tasty prizes via a lucky draw giveaway. To be eligible for the draw overclockers had to make a submission in each of stage of the Division they were competing in. Here are the prize draw winners in full:

The following overclockers will each receive a HyperX Savage DDR4 2666 8GB kit (HX426C13SBK2/8):

  • Division I - LucikMucik
  • Division II - PKBO
  • Division III - kimandsally
  • Division IV - SkaL
  • Division V - TX-OC
  • Division VI - siouxx
  • Division VII - macsbeach98
  • The following overclockers will also be sent a HyperX Savage 120GB SSD (SHSS37A/120G):

  • Division I - bigpoppasmooth
  • Division II - Sgt Bilko
  • Division III - Sweet
  • Division IV - MaddMutt
  • Division V - Snegovick
  • Division VI - kristjan.krusic
  • Division VII - Alpi
  • Congrats to all the winners in Round 1 of this season’s Challenger Divisions. Remember that you can find more information about scores, submissions and prizes here on OC-ESPORTS.


    Taiwan sdougal says:

    Congrats to all who took part!

    Ukraine StingerYar says:

    Congrats to all winners! :)

    Belgium leeghoofd says:

    Nice one HyperX

    South Africa DrWeez says:

    HX426C13SBK2/8 and SHSS37A/120G Nice hardware!!

    Ukraine Snegovick says:

    It's great!

    United States Strong Island says:

    congrats guys, I guess Im not important enough to be listed as a winner but its ok, haha. Was there prizes for the winners or just the lucky draws. The lucky draws are cool because it's the only time I won a prize.

    Johni5 says:

    Congrats to all winners.

    Hungary Alpi says:

    Yeeeee !! :) Thank You and congrats to all other winners and all who took part !

    Slovenia kristjan.krusic says:

    HyperX you the real MVP :) Thank you for the prices. Keep up the good work.

    SkaL- says:

    Thank you guys :)

    Czech Republic LucikMucik says:

    Thanks and GZ, I just need SSD but won RAM... Damn it :-D

    United Kingdom TX-OC says:

    Thanks hwbot and kingston, and congrats to the other winners as well :)

    United Kingdom kimandsally says:

    TX_OC said: Thanks hwbot, and congrats to the other winners as well :)

    Well done mate I also won :-)

    United Kingdom kimandsally says:

    Absolutely delighted thank you Kingston great prizes. Keep up the great work it's getting lots of people competing who wouldn't have.

    Argentina Sweet says:

    Wow. First time in many years. Thanks so much to Hwbot. To HyperX and to all my brothers in this awesome game. Overclocking.
    Yeahhh!!! Its feel good

    United States bigpoppasmooth says:

    wOw! Awesome! Thank you HWBot! I compete purely for the numbers but winning something just for participating really is a really really cool deal. Thanks again.

    Australia Bilko says:


    Thanks HWBOT and Hyper :)

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