PC PowerPlay Magazine Entices Gamers to Overclock Their Rigs with OC 101 Guide

Just a couple of days ago we noticed an interesting article from PC gaming magazine PC PowerPlay, one of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest gaming publictaions. The article openly encourages overclocking with a quick guide as to the basics of pushing your system’s CPU, GPU and memory.

The article doesn’t go into too much depth of course, being a lesson 101 class for newbie PC gamers, but still it represents a window of discovery for any gamer looking to improve his or her frames-per-second. Author Bennett Ring has the basics pretty well covered, outlining the need to invest in a decent cooler and the very basics of tweaking multiplier settings in BIOS settings to yield a simple, stable performance boost.

“We’re only going to cover the basics of CPU overclocking here without writing a 10-page guide with screenshots of every BIOS setting. We’re also only going to cover relatively simple overclocking techniques, rather than the intricacies required to bring a CPU up to speed with Liquid Nitrogen. The good news is that overclocking your CPU is now incredibly simple, and can be done in a matter of minutes. And the method we’re going to explain is called Multiplier Overclocking.”

It’s good to see the PC and console gaming media shine a light on overclocking for once, as of course gamers are a massive potential pool of OC talent waiting to be welcomed to the hallowed halls of HWBOT. This year’s HWBOT World Tour has proven that if you actually sit a PC gamer down and explain to them what overclocking is and how it works, there is a good chance that they will suddenly see the light and possibly even get hooked.

Check out the 101 guide on PC PowerPlay.

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