Video: MrTechQc Interviews HWBOT at LanETS

The dust has just about settled on the HWBOT World Tour stop in Montreal Canada, where a good time was had by all and sundry at LanETS. During the event our very own Xyala was interviewed local enthusiast tech media house MrTechQc. The interview contains discussion about the motives for the HWBOT World Tour 2016 and its attendance at LanETS in general.

For those of you who are not in the loop, the HWBOT World Tour 2016 builds on the success of last year’s tour, incorporating more locations and more interaction with gamers and enthusiasts than ever. The North American leg of the tour took place last weekend in Montreal at the LanETS gaming event, one of the biggest on the continent with well over 2,000 attendees walking through the door.

HWBOT ran OC Workshops to teach total newbies the basics of overclocking, with air cooled systems on hand to give amateurs to get hands on and even submit scores to the World Series for Amateurs Contest on OC-ESPORTS. Of course there were also several of the region’s most prominent extreme players around, many of whom competed for in the World Series 2016 North America contest where a place in the World Championship Finals was at stake.

The interview from MrTechQc is in the local variety of French spoken in the region, a language that I do not personally claim total fluency in. Regardless, French speakers, and especially Canadian French speakers will find this video of particular interest.

MrTechQc video.

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