Pepinorang Shares How to Bench "Full Pot" on MSI Z170 Boards

"Full Pot" benching on Skylake Intel CPUs can be a challenge for a lot of overclockers. Indeed benching at the most extreme sub-zero temperatures for extended periods on any platform requires a deep knowledge of the hardware so that issues such as cracking do not ruin the occasion. Thankfully there are always overclockers around who are willing to share advice and tips about how to avoid issues. One such overclocker is Pepinorang, known to many of us simply as Pepi. An in-house overclocker at MSI, Pepi recently shared some sound advice on how to bench ‘Full Pot’ with MSI's latest Z170 motherboards.

Full pot benching on Skylake can be tricky for a number of reasons, not least of all cracking - a phenomenon where the heat conductivity between the pot and the HIS is reduced by trapped air between the IHS and the CPU PCB. Full Pot benching of course requires pretty precise BIOS settings. Pepi’s advice covers some crucial BIOS settings that should help you can get the best Full Pot benching experience on MSI boards. The settings have also been verified using several different Skylake CPUs by several of the most prominent overclockers around.

You can check out the forum post from Pepi on the HWBOT forum here


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