Combine the Power of 2 PSUs with the Phantecks Power Combo

The latest top of the range power supplies from companies like Corsair or Seasonic can pack well over a thousand watts and come with enough 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe cables to support 4-way graphics arrays. They can also set you back a pretty penny. Cheaper alternatives for higher power delivery have historically involved linking a pair of PSUs together in one rig. One age old method, passed down to me from an old OC sage I used to know, involved the use of a simple paperclip. A handy, if inelegant solution to a problem.

The people at Dutch component and accessory design house Phanteks have come up with something much improved on the old paperclip, creating the Power Combo, a device that allows you to safely and efficiently combine the power of two PSUs. This not only helps to address the need for ridiculously high power output when pushing high performance hardware to the limit, it also adds redundancy in case of PSU failure.

“With the ability to combine two power supplies, the Power Combo can give you a higher maximum power output than all the power supplies in the market while still maintaining stability and performance. [A] redundant power supply architecture concept prevents the system from shutting down when one power supply fails. This ensures that all your vital information and data will not be interrupted or lost.”

The Phanteks Power Combo will available in the retail channel from April 2016, priced at €39.90.

Via TechPowerUp.

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