Updated 4K Catzilla Benchmark Supported on HWBOT

The recently updated Catzilla benchmark is now supported on HWBOT. As well as adding a bunch of optimizations and a couple of new features, the most important change was the addition of a 4K resolution test. The new 3840 x 2160 resolution settings is designed to push high-end cards in way that mimics 3D gaming titles, many of which are being played on 4K resolution screens.

As well as adding 4K support, the new updated version of Catzilla sees the scoring system also get a facelift, now incorporating a more simplified score and frame-rate graphics that makes it easier to understand your systems performance. The information displayed includes FPS, GPU and CPU clocks, plus temperatures. As well as a score, your system will either be deemed a Kitty, Cat, Tiger of Catzilla.

With Catzilla 4K you are also getting an ‘upgrade recommendation system’ where results gathered in the Catzilla database allows the app to tell you which components should be replaced to increase your Catzilla score and therefore your performance. The idea is that it informs you whether or not your PC meets the minimum requirements for specific gaming titles.

The updated 4K Catzilla is available here. You can also check out all Catzilla 4K scores on HWBOT here.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Any of guys excited about 4K benching??

United States Lays says:

Will it ever have any points? :D

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

So, when is Catzilla 4K and FS Ultra getting Points? :D Also, may i ask if the 4K getting globals, which previous version is going to be replaced? The catzilla 720p/FS normal? or the catzilla 1440p/FS Extreme?

United States Strong Island says:

well I am really excited because now this will be a purely gpu bench, it would be really great for both ultra and 4k to get points. I would say leave 720p Cat because everyone loves it and it's still free, 1440p isnt. This will be nice because now we wont have to bin cpus just to run a gpu bench, I mean even just like 2 years ago you could run even 720p cat with cpu on water and still get a competitive score

Belgium Massman says:

Recently I've heard quite a lot of people ask to ditch Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme in favor of Ultra too ... any opinions?

Belgium Massman says:


United States Lays says:

Massman said: Recently I've heard quite a lot of people ask to ditch Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme in favor of Ultra too ... any opinions?

Normal FS is a legendary benchmark! Please don't ditch it!

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