HwBox Hellas O/C Team Win Old School is Best School Round 3

The ancient Greeks certainly knew a thing or two about technology with great minds such as Aristotle and Plato in their ranks. Today however, the Greek contingent on OC-ESPORTS have proved that they too have a good grasp of technologies from a bygone era, taking first place in the Old School is Best School contest for the second consecutive time. The HwBox Hellas O/C Team take the contest by storm with an outright win in Stage 1 and a tidy runner-spot in Stage 2. Let’s take a closer at how Round 3 of this year’s contest panned out.

Just in case you are in fact new to the concept, the Old School is Best School contest runs on a monthly basis throughout most of the year on OC-ESPORTS, inviting teams of overclockers to compete head to head running old benchmarks on equally old hardware. Round 3 was setup as a trip down memory lane for any us who were familiar with AMD’s popular Socket A platform coupled with Nvidia’s GeForce4 GPUs.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS

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