Phil Takes Aquamark 1x GPU Global First Place

Phil is one of Greece’s top Elite overclockers. And as if to prove it, he has just put together a very nice Aquamark run using a single GTX 980Ti to claim a Global 1st place. Phil pushed a Core i7 6700K to very tasty 6,551MHz (a massive +63.78% beyond stock) and his GTX 980Ti to 1,300MHz (+20.82%) to hit an all new high score of 61,2516 marks. This means that Phil is now 1st place in the single GPU Aquamark leaderboard, has the 1st place hardware GTX 980 Ti ranking for Aquamark and the 5th place World Ranking for the benchmark as a whole.

Flying the Flag for Greece and the HwBox Hellas O/C Team, Phil edged out previous 1st place holder Dancop by a pretty narrow 72 points. Dancop’s score of 61,2444 marks had held out since late January, so it may yet prove interesting to see what the mercurial German and World No.1 has up his sleeve.

Congrats to Phil. Remember you can check out his Aquamark submission here, as well as the overall Aquamark benchmark rankings here, and the1 xGPU Aquamark Hall of Fame.

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