Dancop Shows How He Benches Full Pot with Skylake (Pro-tip: Lots of Thermal Paste)

The German overclocker going by the nickname Dancop is the current leader of both the HWBOT Overclockers League and the OC-ESPORTS Official World Overclocking Ranking Season 2016. He thanks his top spot to the countless hours of pre-testing and tuning on air cooling, as well as a thorough methodology of extreme cooling and of course top notch hardware. In a post on the forum, Dancop explains how he benches "full pot" with Skylake CPUs.

One of the key tricks in achieving good "full pot" sessions is using sufficient thermal paste. That's right! No more carefully filling the micro-gaps of the CPU die, but basically using thermal paste on top of and around the die. The vast amount of paste ensures that the contact between the CPU die and the IHS (which has been removed) is good. This prevents the CPU from "cracking" under cold - this is a situation where the contact between the CPU die and the IHS is broken.

Check out the thread on the forums here. There is a lot of useful information, so definitely a recommended read!


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