Dancop Reclaims SuperPi 32M World Record: 4min 25sec 734ms

24 hours is a long time in Overclocking, or so you might think. Yesterday we published news that Splave had taken down the SuperPi 32M World Record with a run in just 4min 26sec 625ms , snatching it out of the hands of Dancop who had been sat comfortably at the top of the leaderboard thanks to a submission that went back to New Years Eve. Today we see that Dancop actually had plenty in reserve, uploading an improved score of 4min 25sec 734ms.

The run from Dancop was made again using his exceptionally pushable Core i7 6700K clocked at 6,840.7MHz (+71.02%), just a squeeze past his own previous best (6,837.4MHz) and Splave’s previous effort (6,834MHz). Dancop also improved his memory performance, hitting 2,044MHz (CL12.0 12-12-28 1T).

It’s great to see two world-class overclockers going to head on a seminal benchmark such as SuperPi. Having Splave breathing down Dancop’s neck in the race for performance supremacy makes the world of Overclocking a much more interesting place. Congrats to Dancop for the win. Let’s see what you have up your sleeve Splave.

Check out Dancop’s submission here on HWBOT. You can also visit the SuperPi 32M Hall of Fame here for a historical perspective.

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