AMD Wraith Cooler Reviewed

Just in case you missed it, the TechReport recently published their review of the new AMD Wraith Cooler. Introduced at CES earlier this year, the Wraith Cooler is revised cooler that AMD is now bundling with their new FX-8370 CPU, an Octa-core 4GHz chip that in all likelihood represents the company’s last ever ‘Piledriver’ based desktop CPU. The Like most AMD CPUs they certainly tend to excel in terms of power draw, in fact the FX-8370 is like most of its brethren a 125W part that really does need a decent cooler, especially if you intend to push it.

AMD’s standard or stock cooler offering that they have bundled with FX chips in the past has had its critics, not least because it’s design does not often offer the ‘Cool & Quiet’ operation that many users had hoped for, particularly so in terms of decibels produced.

In an effort to clarify the Wraith Cooler’s credentials, Jeff Kampman from TechReport got hands on, comparing it not just to the standard AMD cooler we’re all familiar with but also the Cooler Master V550. Here’s a glimpse of what he had to say:

“AMD's Wraith cooler is a surprisingly solid new take on the stock heatsink formula. If you're building with an FX-8370 CPU and don't intend to overclock, the Wraith is adept at keeping the processor cool while staying whisper-quiet. In fact, it can deliver performance that's not far off Cooler Master's $45 Hyper D92. Not bad for something that comes free in the box.”

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