AMD Teases Dual ‘Fiji’ Fury X2 Chips

AMD have just teased a few shots of their forthcoming Radeon Fury X2 cards. Well not actually the card, but the board and the ‘Fiji’ GPU chips that will eventually power the new Fury X2. The teaser comes from former TechReport writer Scott Wasson, now an employee at AMD who posted the teasing pics on Twitter. The R9 Fury X2 was originally scheduled for late last year, but has been bumped back to this year due alignment with VR projects that the company are involved with.

What do we know about the new Fury X2 cards thus far? Firstly we know it will be a dual-GPU card that thrusts together a pair of ‘Fiji’ architecture GPUs on one board. Anticipated performance should be decent to say the least sporting a whopping 8,192 Graphics Core Next (GCN) cores, 8GB of High Bandwidth Memory and a total memory bandwidth of 1 TBps. What’s not to like?

You can catch more on the topic at WCCFTech.

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