Intel Launches Atom x5-E8000 Low Power Chips

It’s fair to say that not all Intel processor launches get the same attention. In fact some launches manage to occur well below the radar. Such is the case with Intel’s newest SoC Atom processors, the x5-E8000 series that are designed to power small devices that will eventually make up the 'Internet-of-Things'. The x5-E8000 series processors are 64-bit, quad-core processors that are actually based on the Braswell architecture. They’re not quite cheap as chips, but can be purchased for a tray price of $39 a piece.

Although launched as a ‘series’, thus far only one SKU has been confirmed. The x5-E8000 will have a clock speed of 1.04GHz and feature an integrated Intel HD graphics processor clocked at 320MHz. The x5-E8000 will also support up to 8GB of DDR3L-1600 memory, has x4 PCI 2.0 lanes and is capable of hooking up a maximum of three displays (eDP/DP/HDMI).

These new Atom x5-E8000 series chips may not light up the overclocking scene as much as the latest Skylake processors, but they do have a clock and doubtlessly they can (and probably will) be pushed to the max by somebody somewhere.

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