SilverStone TD-02 Slim AIO Cooler Reviewed

Marc Adamas writing for has just published his review of the latest All-in-One CPU cooler from SilverStone. Like most AIO solutions around, it uses a radiator and a pre-filled, closed loop design that cools a standard cooper base – the main selling point with the TD02 Slim, as the name suggest, is that it slimmer than the majority of competing products out there. The radiator is self uses slimmer cooling fans that make the entire radiator only 37mm thick, handy when you’re restricted for space.

Here’s a taste of what Marc had to say:

“SilverStone has produced a unique All-In-One when it comes to the TD-02 Slim. The performance of the TD-02 Slim, while not the best, is very good considering its size. The TD-02 Slim is thin enough for users of mid-ATX cases to enjoy the benefits of water cooling. Creative users may even be able to squeeze this a small form factor setup but that would depend largely on the case and its dimensions.”

Check out the whole detailed review on HardOCP. .

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