AMD Talks Up Zen - Greater Than 40% IPC Improvement

AMD’s forthcoming Zen architecture CPUs, according to recent statements, will have more than 40% IPC (instructions-per-cycle) improvement. The source added that current testing is proving that the new design is performing even better than expected, news that means AMD may well be poised to once again compete with Intel in the high performance desktop PC segment.

The news apparently comes from forum posts made by a former AMD employee who also states that the new processor design had "Met All Expectations" with no "Significant Bottlenecks". Good news indeed if it is true. The figure of 40% more instructions per clock would mean a very substantial improvement over current AMD processors

AMD is expected to launch the new Zen-based CPUs later this year, arriving with a new AM4 socket, DDR4 support, and hopefully enough performance to really liven up the consumer and enterprise processor space. Good news for PC enthusiasts and overclockers who will doubtless be excited at the prospects.

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