CPU-Z 1.75 Released, Packs Broadwell-E Support

The latest version of CPU-Z from CPUID has just arrived and includes a number of changes and updates most notably support for Intel’s forthcoming Broadwell-E processors. Broadwell-E support at this stage is of course preliminary as the new Extreme i7s are not due to be officially launched until later this year at Computex 2016.

The platform as you would expect shows plenty of potential for overclockers with the top ‘X’ SKU reported to be the Core i7 6950X, a 10 Core / 20 Thread monster that could well breathe new life into the Intel X99 platform, replacing the Core i7 5960X as Intel’s top HEDT product. Other models include a i7-6900K (8C/16T), i7-6850K (6C/12T) and i7-6800K (6C/12T).

As well as supporting the latest Broadwell-E platform and other Intel processors including Skylake Pentium, Celeron and Core m3/m5/m7 processors, CPU-Z version 1.75 also adds support for AMD’s new flagship Kaveri APU, the A10-7890K clocked at 4.1GHz.

CPU-Z version 1.75 is available in a number of different UI skins (ASRock, ROG and GIGABYTE, plus the original) from CPUID.com here

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