Tweaktown Interviews OC Legend Hicookie on Overclocking Past, Present and Future: "Overclocking will last for a very long time, maybe forever"

In an interview conducted by Steven Bassiri from Tweaktown, Hicookie chats openly about his overclocking past, present and future. We learn that his favorite overclocking motherboard is the Z97X-SOC Force LN2 - you know, that board which pushed DDR3 memory over 2300MHz. Also we find Hicookie very positive about the future for overclocking, looking at VR as a demand for high-performance PCs. If you interested learning a bit more about the man behind the nickname, I urge you to check out Tweaktown and read the full interview.

People say that overclocking is easier than it once was because of how Intel has embraced overclocking in general, is that true on the manufacturer side of things?

"I think Intel is trying to make the newest generation easier, but the problems that you think are easier require more work on the software side. With P67 chipset, Intel changed the way the CPU can overclock. Before it was directly through BIOS but now there is OC mailbox. So we also use digital PWM, we have to put more effort on the software side, and as things become more digital more effort is required for overclocking features, making everything tougher. So it will get more challenging in the future. You think things are more simple, the new platforms require more and more effort on the manufacturer side."

What do you think about the overclocking premium that most users pay these days?

"I feel odd about this decision because it goes against the beginnings of overclocking. People used to buy cheap CPUs and overclock, but now must buy the good hardware. So, it might hurt PC-DIY, people could buy cheaper systems and overclock, but now they cannot do it. For me, I went from Pentium 2 and then I went to Celeron, AMD-K7, others. Imagine if I had to pay a premium, I might not be here today; I might not have been able to buy more high-end CPUs."

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