Haswell-E Statistics Updated: 44K Results, 2700 Overclockers, 50% Custom Water Cooling

haswell-e processor example

In a thread on our forums we regularly present basic statistics on Haswell-E overclocking at HWBOT. Yesterday we ran the numbers and updated the statistics in the dedicated Haswell-E forum thread. You can find more details here, but for those too lazy to click through here's a round up of the information.

In total there are 44343 benchmark results submitted with the Haswell-E architecture, by 2740 overclockers worldwide. The most popular motherboard brand is ASUS and their flagship motherboard, the Rampage V Extreme is the most popular. Of the motherboards designed specifically for overclocking, the GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion is well-liked by the overclocking community as well coming in second among the extreme overclockers.

Looking at the processor choice, it's no surprise that the two most popular SKUs are the Core i7 5960X and the Core i7 5820K. It is noteworthy that the Xeon 2698 V3 and Xeon 2699 V3 are in the top-5 too. In terms of cooling, HWBOT is definitely not as extreme as many people seem to think. About half the results or 50% uses water cooling, compared to only 12% liquid nitrogen. Combining all extreme cooling methods, about one fifth of the Haswell-E results are done with subzero cooling.

If we look more closely at the community statistics, we find IntelGuy (what's in a name) to be the most active Haswell-E overclocker with 1802 results submitted. With 10 CPUs Sn0wMe from Costa Rica has the largest processor collection. HW Legend OC from Italy is the most active community with 2694 submissions and it is the United States featuring as top Haswell-E country.

Let us know if you'd like to see other statistics included in future articles!

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