Hardware.fr Publishes RMA Rate for Motherboard, PSU, Memory, VGA, HDD and SSD

Hardware.fr is a French online publication which works together with one of the largest French hardware distributors LDLC. Every once in a while they publish the return rates of hardware components as public information for their readers. You can read the article here in French, but I strongly suggest to use Google Translate for better understanding.

For motherboards, ASUS has the lowest RMA rate across the product line with 1.89%. Coming from 2.43% last report. The four major motherboard manufacturers each have below 3% RMA rate. The most returned motherboard is the ASRock H87M with 10.91% products returned. For Intel chipsets X99 is the most fragile, for AMD that is the 990 chipset. For Z-chipset motherboards the highest return rate is the ASUS Maximus VII Formula. For X99 it's the MSI X99S Gaming motherboard.

For power supplies, Be quiet! comes out on top with an RMA rate as low as 0.73%. The highest return rate for any power supply is for the Akasa Venom Power 850 80PLUS Gold with 4.07%.

For memory, the lowest RMA rate is for Crucial, followed by Kingston, G.SKILL and Corsair. The highest return rate is for Corsair VS SO-DIMM CMSO8GX3M2C1600C11 with 3.65%.

For graphics cards, the gold goes to Gainward with an overall RNA rate of 1.41% followed by ASUS at 1.66%. The award for the highest return rate on a graphics card model goes to Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4G GDDR5 Tri-X OC New Edition with no less than 16.67%! Among AMD graphics cards, the Radeon R9 270 is the most returned; for Nvidia that is the GeForce GTX 660.

For hard disk drives, the best RMA rate is from Seagate with only 0.60% failure across the brand. The Toshiba 3 TB DT01ACA300 is the most fragile HDD with an RMA rate of 4.90% which still is very reasonable.

For solid stage drives, Intel comes out on top with a spectacularly low RMA rate of 0.18%. The most fragile drive is the Crucial M500 M.2 240 GB with 5.56%.

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