World Record! Oldcomer (Bulgaria) Cracks GPUPI 1B with 8x Radeon R9 290X on Water Cooling

Oldcomer is an overclocker from Bulgaria and member of overclocking team. He's been at the top of the GPUPI leaderboard for a while, sporting a rack of Radeon R9 290X graphics cards. Today, for the fourth time in his overclocking lifetime Oldcomer takes the World Record in GPUPI 1B with a score of 2.502 seconds. With a result of 2min 22.104 seconds, Oldcomer is also the fastest ever in the GPUPI 32B benchmark which gives Bulgaria a nice boost in the HWBOT Country Cup 2015.

For the GPUPI 1B World Record, Oldcomer uses an Intel Core i7 5960X at 4300 MHz on custom water cooling and pairs it with the ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard. The eight (8!) AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics cards are cooled by EKWB custom water cooling equipment and mounted in a specially designed rack. The cards are clocked at 1220 MHz GPU frequency and 1500 MHz memory frequency, which is about 20% higher than stock. Oldcomer has a 29ms lead over 8 Pack from the United Kingdom and 78ms points over Bruno from Romania in the global ranking. The system also includes a set of 16GB DDR4 memory clocked at DDR4-3280 CL14-15-16 and a couple of 1500W Power Supplies.

For more information or discussion, check out the GPUPI 1B submission here and the GPUPI 32B submission here.

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