Zwitterion (Extreme League) in Top-10 of Overclockers League

The Overclockers League is a continuous point of discussion in the overclocking community. Which aspects of overclocking should be taken into account? How should the points be distributed? Should we focus on Global or Hardware points? The current implementation of the Overclockers League is calculated based on the Top15 Global all-time, Top20 Hardware all-time, and Top10 OC-ESPORTS from the past year of an overclocker.

The top of the league tends to be dominated by the top crop of Elite overclockers who build up their profile over the years and perform at the top level with the latest hardware and of course extreme cooling. The Elite League overclockers are by definition seeded by vendors and can be considered professional-grade. The class below is the Extreme League which features a group of passionate extreme hobbyist overclockers. There is a thin line between the Elite and Extreme League in terms of skill and today thin line is highlighted by Zwitterion from France.

Zwitterion features in the Top-10 of the Overclockers League with 1674 points. The distribution of his points is: 845.5 Global, 553.5 Hardware, and 275 OC-ESPORTS. There is still a lot of room left to improve knowing the maximum points in a hardware category is 50, so 1000pts in total. But for now we want to congratulate Zwitterion with his superb achievement!

You can find the Overclockers League here and Zwitterion's profile here.


Belgium Massman says:

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Congratz Zwitt, Cowcotland for the win... For the debate, there is no line if you find awesome CPU's. An Elite OCer can't clock a 6.0Ghz any higher than a solid Extreme OCer...

France Zwitterion says:

Thanks a lot LEEGHOOFD !!
Cowcotland and Klan OC FTW !!

ALL my power comes of my t-shirt MARIO ^^

France Taloken says:


Germany Bullshooter says:

Congratz Zwit, Good Job.

France darkgregor says:

GJ Zwit

France Zwitterion says:

Thanks all !!

Brazil Rbuass says:

Keep the good job. Thumbs up.

France Martin White says:

Congratulations :D

United States steponz says:

Nice job man

Germany der8auer says:

Great work :) congrats!

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