Highlighting G.SKILL's (Special) Prizes for the HWBOT Country Cup 2015 - Special Trident Z DDR4-4266

The 2015 edition of the HWBOT Country Cup is almost upon us, and as if there wasn’t enough excitement and tension in the air, the competition's premier partner G.SKILL has fantastic prizes lined up. Here’s a look at the prizes in full.

Winning Country: 1x ‘special’ kit DDR4-4266 8GB(4GBx2), 2x great bin kit DDR4-4000 8GB(4GBx2) and 1x DDR4-3866 8GB(4GBx2)

Runner up country: 2x good bin kit DDR4-4000 8GB(4GBx2), 1x DDR4-3866 8GB(4GBx2)

2nd Runner up country: 1x good bin kit DDR4-4000 8GB(4GBx2)

Lucky draw: 3 lucky draw prizes (not necessarily memory

The HWBOT Country Cup 2015: November 1st - December 20th

Hosted on OC-ESPORTS from November 1st to December 20th, the Country Cup is basically what you would call the World Cup of Overclocking and trust me national pride is a really effective way to get the OC adrenaline pumping. The contest consists of five stage that invite the best overclockers from around the world to bench on the best hardware they have.

To learn more about the Country Cup 2015, check out this article on OC-ESPORTS which pretty much has it all covered: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/country_cup_2015.

Click here to visit the Country Cup 2015 contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/country_cup_2015.

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