Up For Some GeForce 8800 Action? Overclock.net is Throwing the 8800 Destruction Contest

The overclocking season 2015 at HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS is running at its end as the last quarter of the year is reserved for live competitions such as the GALAX OC Carnival, HyperX OC TakeOver, and of course the Country Cup. This doesn't mean overclockers are ready to slow down yet, though. At Overclock.net there's a Geforce 8800 DESTRUCTION Competition running, for example.

Reading the competition introduction: The Geforce 8800 series are among the most iconic video cards ever produced by Nvidia. Now they lay forgotten in closets and drawers and garages. Overclock.net wants you to take them out, dust them off, solder them and ultimately destroy them. But, of course, not before laying down a few runs of 3DMark '01, '03 and Aquamark. If your thinking to yourself, "Why does OCN just like to give prizes to Dhenzjhen?" Do not worry. This contest is limited to Geforce 8800 of the GS, GT, and GTS varieties only. All GTX and ULTRA cards are banned from this competition, real overclockers use G92 Core."

Next to eternal OCN fame, there are also a couple of small cash prizes up for grabs: 1ST - $100, 2ND - $75, 3RD - $50, and $25 for the top submission without using subzero cooling.

For more information, check out the thread at overclock.net!

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