Blast from the Past: GIGABYTE OC Lab Tour and Z97X Overclocking Board Video

To start the weekend, here's a video blast from the past. The GIGABYTE OC Lab is the birthplace of the SOC overclocking motherboard series and currently the home of Hicookie and Sofos1990. Legendary boards such as the Z97X-SOC Force and the X99-SOC Champion were forged in this lab and soon we'll see the Z170X orange variant come to life.

Birthplace of the Z97X-SOC and Z97X-SOC FORCE, the GIGABYTE OC LAB is where HiCookie, Sofos1990 and overclockers from all around the world are able to come up with new design ideas for the next generation of motherboards. Located at the GIGABYTE headquarters in Taiwan, the overclockers have access to GIGABYTE's experienced and skillful engineers to solve all challenges and experiment at will!

Check out the video by clicking on the image or right HERE if you dislike clicking on images. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Belgium Massman says:


United States steponz says:

Seems like forever ago.. ;)

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

And I haven't seen it because I fell out of OC right before that... I really did miss a pretty good period in the sport! Awesome video too :)

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