Futuremark Analyzes 3 Million 3DMark Results: "With one model per year, Apple is playing catch-up with Android"

Futuremark analyzed three million 3DMark benchmark results from well over 3000 tablets and smartphones and draws a couple of interesting conclusions. First and foremost, in terms of performance Apple always chases Android. This is mostly due to the single major hardware release per year strategy, as the Android platform sees multiple upgrades throughout the year relying on competition by 3rd-party manufacturers.

Futuremark also notes that even that the spread of results is in favor of Apple. Comparing the iPhone 6 versus the Nexus 6, it is clear that the performance of the iPhone is much more consistent than its Android counter-part. This may be related to thermal throttling, according to Futuremark, and is a good indication of the phone's performance outside of the test lab. Samsung is still leading the Android race, however lost 6% market share going from 35% in 2013 to 29% in 2015. Diversity is picking up as lesser-known, smaller brands went up from 11% to 23% of the market. Yeey for choice!

The blog post ends with an interesting tidbit. According to Futuremar, every 30 seconds someone, somewhere tests a smartphone or tablet with 3DMark. Check out the full infographic and more details at Futuremark.com.

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