Bishop CPC (x64) (v2.03) Replaces CPU Thread Benchmark; Features New RaBIOs Benchmark Suite

Bishop CPC (x64) is a set of benchmark tests developed by RagingCain from and PhillyB, member of the team. The benchmark used to carry the name "CPU Thread Benchmark", but is will from now on forward be known as Bishop CPC. Version v2.03 includes a new set of benchmark tests called Random Burst Input Output (RaBIOs), which tests the CPU, Cache and RAM's ability to gather and process stored numbers at random then store the resulting value.

In the forum discussion thread you can find more information on the benchmark. The 2.03 release features a full integration with CPU-Z UI data and Harmonic. It also includes an internal scoreboard that keeps track of your benchmark scores as you continue to benchmark over time.

RagingCain also hints to working on an HWBOT integration just like XTU, HWBOT Prime, GPUPI, and most recently the HWBOT x265 Benchmark. We look forward to seeing the benchmark development progress!

United States RagingCain says:

Current Version: Bishop CPC (x64) - v2.03

The Program Formerly Known As CPU Thread Benchmark


I have equal partnership with PhillyB @, i.e. so all the hard stuff was done by Phil. Phil and I brainstormed the new name, after having countless good options, we decided on Bishop.


A full CPU benchmarking program, soon to be a suite of tests, that records results and provides tools to analyze them.


Information on the new benchmark test: RaBIOS

Random Burst Input Output (RaBIOs) tests the CPU, Cache and RAM's ability to gather and process stored numbers at random then store the resulting value. Results are presented in millions of cycles per second (MCS).


Technical Explanation: This test repeats a random selection and storage process for a set duration across all assigned logical processors (LP). Each LP works independently with their own set of values. This gives two measurable results: first is the per core ability to repeat the processing cycle, the second is the total system ability to process cycles. A single cycle includes multiple mathematical operations, a check to determine if it should continue and a check to see if it should report its status.


In the 2.03 release, we fully integrated with Harmonic and also integrated with CPU-z (1.73 x86/x64) UI's data.


CPU-z needs to be running in the background, however, if it is minimized, CPU-z is not updating it's information. If its up in the background, that's fine, it will refresh the CPU speeds, voltages, etc. This can help reduce windows necessary or several version of CPU-z open. We understand that some CPUs may not work correctly at first, but we are including a TXT file that should be located in the same directory you launch this program. If you can get that to us, we can make it more compatible for users who do not have functioning CPU-z results.


The Scoreboard now receives the data from Harmonic and CPU-z.


All the themes have been tweaked, and they no longer suck.



Much more to come...


.NET 4.6 is now required. Huge performance update, overhead reduction. Basically the DX12 of the .NET framework world. RYUJIT!

.NET 4.6:


Download Bishop CPC Benchmark (x64) v2.03!






Belgium Massman says:

-> downloading now ->


Let me know if you're interested in working on HWBOT ranking integration (like GPUPI). Drop me a mail at and I'll send you the API :)

United States RagingCain says:

-> downloading now ->


Let me know if you're interested in working on HWBOT ranking integration (like GPUPI). Drop me a mail at and I'll send you the API :)


Absolutely, emailing now!

United States RagingCain says:

Bumpdate! Details in main.

GENiEBEN says:

For the love of god, please make the final score PRESENTABLE, not 'gazillion number dot ohh yea also some leftover digits here'

United States RagingCain says:

For the love of god, please make the final score PRESENTABLE, not 'gazillion number dot ohh yea also some leftover digits here'


We already took care of the scoring system. Just didn't update the screenshots yet.


Bumpdate again. Several bug fixes in 2.02.

Belgium Massman says:

Testing! Some questions:


1) The default benchmark option (after just opening the application) is Int32 - 5M, which on my Haswell notebook takes 331ms to complete. Would it be possible to make the default benchmark a bit more stressful?

2) Can you make the score a bit more easy to understand? Currently it says for example "dbl_6,32", which is a strange format.


Suggestion: create a benchmark setting that runs all the Data Type options back-to-back and make a final score based on all the subtest results. So you treat the Data Types as "subtests". That should be easier to interpret and compare :)

United States RagingCain says:

Yeah, I think Phil and I can work something out. Things are still in the early stages, but we are adding bug fixes / features daily.


Phil and I have huge ambitions for this program and I want everyone to love it.


Just keep in mind that certain aspects of AMD's CPU architecture are weak right now. Allowing users to test Int32 or Int64 independently of floating point let's Bulldozer+ architecture shine. We were quite proud of some of our AMD users. We have seen an FX 8320 demolish an i7 2600K for example.


Phil is currently working on a prototype performance gauge, called RaBIOs. Random Burst Input Outputs that will allow for Cache and RAM. We plan on adding OpenCL support as well to get the GPUs involved as well as instruction sets such as AVX / 2.0, XOP, FMA4, for Vector based mathematics etc.


Of course there is HWBOT integration too. ^.^ We are busy busy busy.

United States RagingCain says:

Bumpdate. Details in main. HWBOT application will be in progress.

Belgium Massman says:

Looking good! Will be interesting to see how the integration with the rankings will be

United States RagingCain says:

I am very excited to continue work.


We have a decoding / encoding benchmark, vector benchmarking, matrix calculations, and even some C++ versions of the same test too.


Feel free to change the thread title if you can ;)

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Good work and hope this will continue as it is :)


I Genieben said, please make the scrore presentable and the bench easy to use / understand (having a regular and an advanced mode is a way to do it.


Would a Progress bar or Progress system is in the pipe ? :)


Note : I prefer the black skin rather than the Red onw (personal opinion here)

United States RagingCain says:

Just an update - benchmark version 2.04 - more of maintenance build is available. I am already working on 2.05 and HWBOT integration at the moment as time/work allows. Been off the project for a year now, been quite hectic in my personal life, but now I am back on.


2.04 Features:

CPU-z re-integration, reads the latest version (hopefully future versions as well) of CPU-z again.

Bug fixes here and there.


Landing Page:

Bishop CPC Benchmark | BYTE Me Development ***8211; Advert Free Browsing ^.^


Upcoming features:

Check/Uncheck all logical processors.

Manually try and reclaim CLR memory.

Clear all function to unload all stored variables.

HWBOT API Integration

Tweaked Theme Framework \ Coding Rough Spots

United States RagingCain says:

Build 2.108


What's New Puthycat?

  • Installer & AutoUpdater
  • Versions increasing again.
  • Check & Uncheck all cores.
  • Bug fixes/UI optimizations.
  • Two new difficulties added, 2Billion and 4Billion*.
  • Two new algorithm versions.
  • Process/Task Killer
  • Log File Generator To Help Us
  • Pause UI During Benchmark Options
  • CPU-z Crash Fix


Added - Light / Heavy RAM Algorithm v2 for Int32 and Int64 for Single Cores.

What is the Light Algorithm?
           It is the original Sieve of Eratosthenes. It uses a lot less RAM at
           the cost of some JIT/CLR overhead.

What is the Light Algorithm v2?
           It is the original Sieve of Eratosthenes using the math tricks to cut
           storage in half without compression.

What is the Heavy RAM Algorithm?
           It uses more memory but has less overhead making it faster.

What is the Heavy RAM Algorithm v2?
           It uses more memory than light, but uses a couple of math tricks to cut
           the RAM usage in half without compression or overhead.


I see you have added 4.096 Billion as an option but I don't see it listed?

This is still an experimental section of code but to get to it is easy.
    Ensure you only have one single core/lp checked.
    Click either Algorithms -> Single Threaded -> Either Heavy algorithm.
    You can now choose 4B with Int64 as datatype




CPU-z no longer crashes when your version has values in a different section but you will see ERROR instead.


Want your CPU-z values read correctly?


Go to Extras -> Help Dev -> Generate CPUz Log


This will open up a folder, where Bishop lives, and all you have to do is attach the CPUz log to a forum post or email using my username at gmail.




Kill All (Processes) Section


Got a ton of Processes you think I should kill?


Go to Extras -> Help Dev -> Generate Processes Log


This will open up a folder, where Bishop lives, and all you have to do is edit it so only the processes you think I should close are included. Then attach the Processes log to a forum post or email using my username at gmail.


Got a list of Processes you think you should kill?


Go to Extras -> Kill All -> Kill All - From File


Choose File, click OK, and watch computer explode. Avoid this feature if you do not know what you are doing.


Kill Processes - File Format:

01: Self





And, yes you can use the file generated by Help Dev -> Generate Processes Log.


Coming Soon

  • Additional CPUz Information will be shown on SysInfo.
  • Better Algorithm Picking Solution
  • Pre-Loaded Tests For Quick Testing
  • HWBOT Integration
  • Scoreboard Overhaul -> Tabulation
  • Scoring System
  • Fun


It's always hard to copy Gordon Ramsay cause his meals are so difficult to do. This may be helpfull Najciekawsze przysmaki kuchni czeskiej |

United States says:

I am doing my best to try and find a download link but it seems like the site itself where this is downloaded from (not the binary but the site) is full of stuff that is making it impossible to access if you have any malware preventative software installed. In fact, the IP reputation of the site itself is no longer positive. So, how does one get this?

United States RagingCain says:

I am still around doing work - I have moved all my work to a new domain, new cert, new web server - everything.


I have fully integrated Harmonic as well as a few other bug fixes for RTC/HPET detection. In addition to that - I have optimized some code even further enhancing scores. I finally tested Quad CPU setups and 64 logical processors too. That was an itch I had been wanting to scratch. I have also updated some of the CPU-z integration - reading from newer versions of CPU-z but they constantly shift names around to make that hard. I would love to pay for a dev license but its 1000$. I don't even currently get donations for what I have written. C'est la vie I have also begun "aiding" benchmarking by creating kill processes (that are safe to kill). Most individuals run clean OS images etc., but if you benchmarking on the fly and you want all bogus Razer/nVidia stuff killed - I tried to let you do that.

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