New Benchmark Coming Soon: HWBOT x265 Benchmark (encoding in 1080P and 4K)

Not so long after a successful integration of the GPUPI benchmark developed by Matthias from, we will soon feature another new benchmark with submission API functionality: HWBOT x265 Benchmark.

The benchmark is developed by Czech overclocker Havli who is home to The benchmarks renders a video in 1080P or 4K resolution using the x265/HEVC encoder. It can take advantage of modern CPU instructions set and multi-threaded. The benchmark is also capable of running even on old gear such as Athlon XP, be it rather slowly of course. The benchmark supports two presets: 1080P and 4K.

The integration with HWBOT is similar to GPUPI: it supports both direct submission from the application as well as saving the data file to submit at a later point in time. Currently the benchmark is in alpha phase. You can download a version from the forum thread located HERE. The alpha version has been tested by our software team (read: Genieben) and it is solid enough to soon move to the beta phase. During the beta phase we will host a small competition so the hardcore competitive overclockers can put the benchmark through its paces.

It's nice to see a real-world rendering benchmark with solid API support come to life. With the right tweaking and tuning, I'm sure it will be as successful as GPUPI!


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